For the highest quality hospital dentistry in New Orleans, parents of children with special needs or severe conditions can turn to NOLA Pediatric Dentistry. As an experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Kris has completed hundreds of dental procedures for patients with special needs.

While Dr. Kris and the rest of the NOLA Pediatric Dentistry team are professionally qualified to conduct your child’s dental services without harm, hospital dentistry can add an additional layer of safety and security. These settings offer a sense of security and preparedness, as well as a quick response to any complications or issues that arise.

What Is Hospital Dentistry?

While most dental treatment takes place in a typical dental office, hospital dentistry can be an effective way to ensure the safety of certain types of patients. Hospital dentistry provides dental services in a hospital environment, offering a higher level of attention and preparedness than standard services.

Patients with special needs can benefit from receiving dental care in a hospital setting, as these locations are well-equipped to address complications and provide comprehensive care. Hospital dentistry can be a safe and effective option, particularly for oral surgeries.

Another case in which hospital dentistry can be a wise decision is the use of anesthesia. IV anesthetics prove an effective method of reducing stress or anxiety related to a dental procedure and can also ensure the safety of patients with special needs. Although Dr. Kris and the anesthesiologists at NOLA Pediatric Dentistry are skilled and experienced, a hospital setting can give parents additional peace of mind.

Urgent Dental Care

As a parent, we know you strive to keep your child as safe as possible. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and throughout growing up, injuries will likely occur. When you need urgent hospital dentistry in New Orleans, you can always turn to NOLA Pediatric Dentistry.

While any medical emergency can be overwhelming, dealing with a dental emergency can be particularly stressful. Tooth or mouth injuries can cause pain and be challenging to address without dental services. Parents can turn to NOLA Pediatric Dentistry for expert hospital dentistry in New Orleans whenever a dental emergency arises.

Why Choose NOLA Pediatric Dentistry?

At NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to provide New Orleans residents with the highest quality of dental care at a price they can afford. Our office is well-maintained and welcoming, with a clean and comfortable waiting area and private examination areas. The NOLA Pediatric Dentistry staff is passionate about their field and can help you schedule convenient appointments and answer any questions you may have.

As a one-doctor practice at NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Kris sees every patient personally. With years of experience working with younger patients and patients with special needs, Dr. Kris strives to make each patient relaxed and comfortable. Visiting the same dentist each time they come to the office can help your child feel more at home and be less concerned about upcoming dental visits.

How Can NOLA Pediatric Dentistry Improve Your Life?

Convincing their children to attend their dental appointments calmly is a significant challenge for many parents, but it does not have to be that way. At NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, our mission serves to transform how children see dental services by treating them with respect and explaining the importance of their treatment.

Choosing a dental practice like NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, where your child can have consistently positive experiences and build meaningful relationships with their providers, can significantly impact how your child responds to upcoming dental procedures. However, hospital dentistry in New Orleans can form an essential part of effectively providing comprehensive dental care to children with special needs.

While the NOLA Pediatric Dentistry has plenty of experience in providing in-office care to special needs patients, a hospital setting can be helpful in specific cases. Particularly when the provider uses anesthesia for the procedure, many parents find that a hospital setting offers comfort and security. NOLA Pediatric Dentistry makes an excellent choice for New Orleans residents interested in exploring hospital dentistry for their children with mental or physical special needs.