Root canals can be scary for many children, but our skilled pediatric dentist, Dr. Kris, can put their fears to rest.

Root canals form an essential part of modern dentistry. These procedures remove infected tissue from the base of the tooth, combatting the infection and often saving the tooth. Unfortunately, while many children need root canals during their upbringing, the procedure can be stressful and frightening for some.

When choosing a dentist for baby root canals in New Orleans, you need to consider your child’s comfort. Unfortunately, many dentists work primarily with adults and struggle to set a child at ease, particularly before a significant procedure. Fortunately, at NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Kris has years of experience providing quality pediatric dental services and can make sure your child feels calm and comfortable throughout the process.

When Is A Root Canal Needed?

A root canal procedure involves Dr. Kris carefully removing infected tissue from the root of a tooth and the surrounding area. Depending on how compromised the tooth may be, Dr. Kris may elect to do a pulpotomy (partial root canal) or a pulpectomy (full root canal). Every scenario is different so please as Dr. Kris if you’d like for him to explain in further detail.

When the infection occurs in a permanent tooth, root canal treatment becomes necessary to ensure your child has a healthy tooth for years to come.

While saving the tooth is not as critical when operating on baby teeth, losing a baby tooth too early can still negatively impact your child. While a pulpotomy may allow a dentist to clean your child’s tooth without invasive procedures, full root canals require scheduling when the infection reaches the tooth’s root.

At NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, we are experts in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Kris has completed thousands of root canals for children of all ages and knows how to set your child’s mind at ease when they arrive. So when you choose NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, you know your child’s root canal will be safe and stress-free.

Baby Root Canal In New Orleans, LA

The NOLA Pediatric Dentistry Difference

NOLA Pediatric Dentistry creates a uniquely comfortable and welcoming environment for your child. With years of experience providing dental services to younger patients, Dr. Kris is an expert in pediatric dentistry. We understand how stressful a trip to the dentist can be for your child, so we take every step possible to ensure a safe and relaxing visit.

While root canal procedures are often necessary to protect your child’s overall oral health, they can be frightening for many children. Any medical process can be stressful, but visiting the dentist can be a particular fear for some children. Fortunately, experienced pediatric dentists like Dr. Kris can significantly reduce the stress on your child and the burden on you.

NOLA Pediatric Dentistry takes several steps to ensure a smooth visit when conducting root canals in New Orleans. First, our friendly staff will greet you and your child and do their best to make you both comfortable during the wait. Next, Dr. Kris speaks with every patient and does his best to explain the procedure in terms your child can understand.

Our Approach

In most cases, Dr. Kris uses some form of sedation for root canal procedures, ensuring that the process does not leave any lasting trauma for your child. Even for adults, a surgery or procedure can be a significant source of stress, so the team at NOLA Pediatric Dentistry works to minimize that for your child as much as possible. Sedation allows Dr. Kris to conduct dental procedures on younger patients without exposing them to unnecessary fear or anxiety.

The process is far more comfortable with sedation, and no lingering trauma persists. While the experience may be foggy for your child, they will experience far less pain and recover quickly and peacefully. NOLA Pediatric Dentistry is the premier choice when you need root canals in New Orleans.