Baby Tooth Extractions In New Orleans.

For most children, losing baby teeth is a simple and even exciting process. However, when baby teeth become damaged or infected, your child may require a dental procedure to remove them. Any dental procedure can be stressful for you and your child, so an essential first step includes finding a pediatric dentist you can trust whenever you need baby tooth extractions in New Orleans.

When Are Tooth Extractions For Kids Needed?

At NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, we always strive to preserve the baby teeth in our patients’ mouths. Because these teeth are essential to guide the path of your child’s permanent teeth, preservation of their existing teeth should always be the goal. Additionally, the early loss of baby teeth can make it more challenging for children to eat and speak, which can cause frustration. Still, certain circumstances do require tooth extractions.

If your child needs braces, your orthodontist may need a baby tooth removed before providing orthodontic treatment. Another common reason for a dentist to recommend a baby tooth extraction includes tooth damage or injury. Many children are naturally active and love to play games and competitions with their friends and siblings. Despite striving to keep them safe, it’s not always possible to prevent the risk of injuries completely.

Tooth Removal For Kids In New Orleans, LA

If your child has experienced an injury resulting in a cracked or impacted tooth, the damage may require a baby tooth extraction. These injuries can lead to additional issues like infection or difficulties speaking and can even block the path of the incoming permanent teeth. Therefore, the tooth needs to be removed to repair the area.

Another reason tooth extractions may be necessary is infection. While pediatric dentists can address most ailments with other types of dental care like fillings or root canals, more severe cases may require tooth removal. When patients neglect cavities, the infection can spread throughout the entire tooth, meaning Dr. Kris must remove the tooth to prevent further spread.

Why Choose NOLA Pediatric Dentistry For Baby Tooth Extractions In New Orleans

A visit to the dentist can be frightening for your child, particularly following an injury. In addition, it can be overwhelming to manage your own stress as a parent while also convincing your child to cooperate and go to the dentist. However, dental visits are unavoidable, so finding a pediatric dentistry practice that sets your child at ease can simplify your life significantly.

Specialized in Pediatric Dentistry

At NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, we are a specialized pediatric dentist office providing quality dental services to the children of New Orleans. With years of experience interacting with younger patients, Dr. Kris can help your child feel as comfortable as possible throughout their visit.

High-Quality & Consistent Care

As a one-doctor dental practice, NOLA Pediatric Dentistry provides consistently high-quality pediatric dental care to the residents of New Orleans. Dr. Kris sees each patient personally, so you can have complete confidence that the level of care will remain consistent across multiple visits. Additionally, this consistency helps your child become more comfortable with dental visits and work.

In-Office Sedation

NOLA Pediatric Dentistry also proudly offers parents the option of nitrous, oral, or IV sedation for their child’s procedure. Sedation can significantly reduce the pain and anxiety your child experiences throughout the visit and help reduce lingering trauma following the treatment. While other forms of anesthesia can effectively manage the pain of dental procedures, the memories of the experience can still be troubling for some young patients.

When To Get Help

While dental issues can be challenging to identify, tooth or mouth pain encompasses the primary warning sign of dental problems. Suppose your child has repeatedly mentioned tooth pain or an injury takes longer than expected to heal. In that case, it may be time to contact a pediatric dental professional like Dr. Kris. This type of pain can signal a cavity or infection, so having the problem treated as soon as possible can minimize the risk of complications.

When you need baby tooth extractions in New Orleans, you can always count on NOLA Pediatric Dentistry. We designed our office with the comfort of younger patients in mind, and Dr. Kris and his staff have years of experience treating children. At NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the approach and attitude necessary to make children feel at home and do our best to make dental services as comfortable as possible for each of our patients.