Pediatric Dental Crowns & Fillings In New Orleans, LA

Restore your child’s smile with white crowns or white fillings for kids! Our experienced team, alongside Dr. Kris, can help you find out which route is best for your child.

Fillings For Kids In New Orleans, LA

White Crowns

Dental crowns, which have been used successfully for many decades, are tooth-shaped covers or caps placed over damaged teeth that have been specially prepared by a dentist to accept the crown. Traditionally, crowns were made from durable metal and required multiple trips to the dentist because they were made in a separate facility.

If your child needs a crown, and you prefer the most pleasant appearance combined with the most convenient option available, please ask us about our white crowns.

White Fillings

If your child develops a cavity or tooth decay, it will need to be treated so that the damaged area doesn’t grow larger and spread to other areas of the tooth. After inspecting the troubled tooth and determining the type of damage that is present and the appropriate treatment,

Dr. Kris will need to gently administer a numbing medication to the mouth near the affected tooth to prevent any pain or discomfort during the treatment. Then he will use specialized tools to remove the damaged portion of the tooth. Finally, he will replace the portion of the tooth that has been removed with a filling.

Overall Benefits


We gladly offer durable, long-lasting white crowns and white fillings for our patients.

More Attractive

The white crowns and white fillings we offer closely match the color of natural teeth making for a more attractive look than traditional metal crowns. Also, white fillings are carefully molded to match the shape of the surrounding teeth.

Same-Day Service

In just a short visit, we’ll have your child’s tooth returned to a healthy and beautiful state, and they can get back to their normal activities!